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                            HAPPY FARMERS DAY                                 

In our life we have several special days like Birthday’s, Fathers day , Mothers day , Friendship day, Valentines day etc..Above all we are forgetting one most important day that is  FARMERS DAY


You may be a Doctor, Engineer, Scientist, Teacher  whatever you maybe we all are   divided by Our professions but we all are united with single point. 

That is FOOD which we are able to have because of hundreds & thousands of farmers who are struggling for us.

Farmers has been providing food for us since decades we are growing day by day with food but farmers are falling back day by day to provide same food

  • In our country for:
  • Every ½ an hour 1 farmer is committing  suicide 
  • Every day 34 farmers are committing suicide and
  • Every year 12000 farmers are committing suicide

Don’t you feel that we should do something to farmer in gratitude.

Farmers Deserve Praise Not Condemnation.

Let’s extend our hands to help farmers and to stand on behalf of them.

                                   #Stand for farmers

                                JAI JAWAN JAI KISAN




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