About Krishiyodha


KRISHIYODHA which is Inspired from the Slogan of JAI JAWAN ,JAI KISAN. Countey Needs a Solider Who Secures nation at Border also a Farmer who Secures by producing food.Where as Farmer is Not less than a Solider.But that Farmer is being neglected  in our society .So ,We as a Agriculture Students feel Responsible to help farmers with the help of Youth and Expertise of agriculture . 


To Create  INDIAN STUDENTS RESPONSIVE TEAM  by  Connecting All SAU 'S & CAU 'S along with Scientists, Scholars, Professors to Educate farmers for Upliftment of Farming in India.


KRISHIYODHA is Team of young and Enthusiastic Agricultural Students Who are Pursuing Their  Post  Graduation .We want to Create a Responsive Team for Building a Society who Cares For our Farmers. We determined to Help Farmers in Possible ways for Making their life better and becoming their voice.


We believe that when people in large Number Step Forward for a Change it is Possible to Create a Change . We Believe  Optimism is a form of courage and Billions Acts of Courage can Sparks a bright tomorrow