Main causes for farmer suicides

In spite of many schemes and welfare programs farmer suicides are still a puzzle to solve. Apart from schemes there is something more to be done to solve this heart-wrenching condition of farmers

On an average 1 farmers is committing suicide for every 41 minutes. Farmer suicides aren’t declining and the reasons are many. Here is a look at the how many farmers are committing suicides and which states are recording more incidence. This stats will help us to have a clear picture on causes for suicides and reminds us to make a solution to control such incidents .In addition to governments many agriculture ngo’s in India are trying to help farmers by providing necessary help and support

Causes for Farmer suicides in india
By Krishiyodha

By Krishiyodha

A report on causes of farmers suicides.Krishiyodha is a team of Passion and compassion to stand for farmers and meant to support them.Farmers deserve praise not condemnation.

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